Oct 23, 2014

A Holistic Approach

I have a holistic view of health and wellness. The word is related to “holism,” which emphasizes the interconnection of the parts reference to the whole, but now it’s strongly associated with medicine.  While Western medicine tends to analyze only the physical symptoms, the holistic approach takes a whole person (mental and social factors) into consideration.  

When I started my massage school, I was only interested in “clinical massage.”   I wanted to offer pain relief because I was always goal-oriented, so I wanted to “fix” their problems once and for all.  However, I learned that massage therapy was more than just fixing problems.  Don't get me wrong; my ultimate goal is still to help clients improve their conditions.  My view changed to the following:

When I work on pain on a person’s body, it’s not just making the condition better.  My job is not to “fix the problems,” but to offer compassion and be present with the person.  It’s the intension that is important because it will be transferred through my hands to the person’s body.  And the person will feel it, and it will affect the person’s body and mind.   

When giving a massage, I am completely focused.  I feel the tissue and change in the tissue every inch under the skin, and work on the areas to relieve congestion, tension and pain.  At the same time, I am present with the person as a whole.  I feel compassion for the person for their pain and discomfort.  And, appreciation for what they do or did for living, which often causes the problems.  Hoping my touch melts their tension in their body and mind….